Our Valued Network and WiFi Services

Network Overview

Our network overview is intended to get the kinks out of your network and improve your overall network security. Our overview provides the following to ensure your piece of mind.

Site Survey

Our site survey provides recommendations on how to best setup your network in a new space, such as a new home or office.

Wireless Router

Firewall & Router Overview and Consulting

Your firewall and router are the gateway to your private internal network. Don’t be the victim of cyber attacks because of unattended maintenance.

Network switch

Network Design and Install

Looking to upgrade your network? We can eliminate the headache for you by doing the design, configuration and installation for you.

Network switch

VoIP Telephone Systems Design and Install

Interested in installing a VoIP phone system? Want to be able to mobilize your office telephones and receive and make calls from anywhere? We have the solutions to help you.


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